Image Sun  is THE brand to know when it comes to all things involving that golden glow.  We at Image Sun of Gaithersburg are at your service to get you the sun-kissed look you are striving for.  With four different levels of UV beds, as well as a sunless Mystic Booth, we welcome any and all clients who are looking to gain a little color.

Cleanliness, customer service, and a hands-on approach are our three CORE values at Image Sun of Gaithersburg.  We don’t just want you to come tan here; we want to be your GO-TO spot for all things tanning.  We keep our salon in pristine condition.  We value each and every one of our clients that walks through the door.  We educate our employees to give you the best options in terms of your tanning experience.  Our number one priority at Image Sun is YOU- to educate YOU, to leave YOU happy with your overall experience with us, and to keep YOU coming back for more! And of course, with the hopes of bringing in some friends!


tan girls on the beach